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Feel My Bicep

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Deep house seems to be one of the last genres where quality producers translate their skill into their DJ sets.  One can speculate that it's due to the fact that the true music lovers tend to gravitate to the sound and therefore create a community of selectors.  This fanboy mentality sums up exactly what it is that Bicep does so well.  Immersed in the culture one can imagine the hours logged producing great music, touring, throwing their own parties and running a website dedicated to sharing their hidden treasures with the world.

Speaking of sharing treasures, Andy and Matt have been so kind as to grace us with two tracks to add to your personal crates, the first of which is an original titled "Darwin".  A bit of a departure from the 303 bassline on "Silk" that first introduced me them, Darwin is a more garage inspired jam all about the synth modulation overdubbed with a vocal sample from Soul II Soul's "Back To Life".  Heeding to their credo of staying current while paying homage to the classics.

Download: Bicep - Darwin

Their second offering is a remix for Medlar on Wolf Music Recordings.  Home to KRL and Greymatter, Wolf has been one of my favorite labels as of late and they kept their standards up to my high expectations with this release.  Bicep handles remix duties on "Terell" with both a Brooklyn Shuffle Mix and a dub version.  The Brooklyn Shuffle mix offers up some serious swing on crisp hats locked into a synth with some jacked up attack and some sounds sampled straight from the streets of New York.

      Terell (Biceps Brooklyn Shuffle)
Download: Medlar - Terell (Bicep's Brooklyn Shuffle)

If you're in London be sure to catch the Halloween edition of their Plastic People party with some surprise guests.  Details at www.feelmybicep.com  

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