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Trevor Hall - Everything Everytime Everywhere [Album]

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This week's soul-cleanser is Trevor Hall. You might have seen him touring with reggae hall of famers Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers and Matisyahu, but now this old soul is the main act. Trevor Hall dropped his new album Everything, Everytime, Everywhere at the end of the summer.  This record is packed with surprises but still stays true to Trevor's style of folk-reggae-acoustic rock, with very deep spiritual undertones. Trevor says about his new album:

"The whole record for me is that whole journey back to my eternal home. Not my home geographically speaking, but spiritually speaking . . . It's like a place of internal heights within your own self. You're reaching high places in your own conscious, so to say. It's not like we're quite there yet, we're hiking up there."

I plucked out the two "true" reggae tracks off the album for you: Good Rain and The Return. But Trevor Hall is an eclectic dude and diversity is his game, which is what I love about his music. So don't sell yourself short by only listening to these two tracks. You may not be feeling every track on this new album, but I guarantee at least two songs will make it onto your ipod.

      09 Good Rain
Download: Trevor Hall - Good Rain

      02 The Return
Download: Trevor Hall - The Return 

Matisyahu and Trevor Hall together live? Yep. Matisyahu doesn't know the lyrics? Yep. Beat-boxing? Yep. Epic live song? Yep. I couldn't resist posting this video because it exemplifies what reggae is all about: the vibe. Enjoy. 



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