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The Big Pink - Stay Gold (AraabMUZIK Remix)

Abraham Orellana, alias AraabMUZIK, is considered a hip-hop producer; however, his 2011 album, Electronic Dream, lives up to its title, creating a dreamlike blend of samples from genres that you might not expect in hip hop -- trance standing out most prominently. If you're behind on the album, definitely catch up and check it out, it's still worth listening to. 

Anyway, this post isn't about the album -- it's about a new AraabMUZIK remix of electro-rock duo The Big Pink's "Stay Gold" single that was released by 4AD today. This remix fits right in with AraabMUZIK's album style, though the vocals are more present as it's a remix of a rock/shoegaze song. He delivers a tranced-out dreamy but still heavy treatment to the track in the way that only AraabMUZIK can. 

      The Big Pink - Stay Gold (Araabmuzik remix)
Download: The Big Pink - Stay Gold (AraabMUZIK Remix)

The Big Pink's sophomore album, Future This, will be out in 2012 on 4AD with this single, "Stay Gold," coming out earlier, on November 8. But honestly, I'm in it for AraabMUZIK.

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