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Sandro Perri - "Changes"

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Toronto-based musician Sandro Perri has released approximately 13 different albums under a number of monikers since 1999. Perri's release of 2002's The Science of Breath and 2003's Like Hearts Swelling under his Polmo Polpo name have thrust him into the spotlight.

Dropping his Polmo Polpo name after the release of his final LP, Kiss Me Again and Again, in 2005, Perri went on to release Plays Polmo Polpo, Sandro Perri and Friends and Tiny Mirrors in 2007.

After participating in several tours throughout 2007 and 2008 to promote Tiny Mirrors, Perri went back into the studio to produce an entirely new LP.

With 2011 almost coming to a close, Perri released his newest seven-track LP today entitled Impossible Spaces, via Constellations.

"Changes", the opening track from the LP, is like nothing I've ever heard before. Running at almost seven and half minutes, Perri's newest track is almost the perfect album opener.

The first three minutes is a relaxing mix of spacey disco, a hybrid of variety of different instrumentals and Perri's notable, but matured voice. What really steals the show, however, are the final four minutes.

As Perri ends singing "There is nothing better like a wheel goin' round," in his final verse, the sound of vintage instrumentation takes over. Perri's use of a variety of different instruments to create a complicated, yet easy to listen to sound is something the listener hopes to go on for fifteen minutes instead of only three.

Listen to Sandro Perri's "Changes" below and stream the entire album over at Exclaim!

      01 Changes
Stream: Sandro Perri - Changes

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Philip James de Vries
9 years ago

stoked for this album