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Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez [Album]

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This past weekend, the incredibly fun loving one-man-band Darwin Deez made his way into my listening schedule. Born in North Carolina, Darwin is one of the many musicians currently living in New York City. Darwin Deez is a one-man-band, but has different instruments and friends support him on stage during his live performances. Darwin Deez's sound is something quite unique, coordinated through his musical know-how into audio that translates to pure enjoyment--think wacky interpretative dancing to cute love stories. 

Darwin Deez released his self-titled album via Lucky Number Music this past May.  Each song on this record has a gripping pop feel, and although "Deep Sea Diver" and "Bad Day" are lyrically sad, the music itself can contradictorily cheer you up. Darwin plays with his words here as much as he plays with his ancient PC--there are electronic pieces and bits that transform this indie rock project into a funky nerd-boogie. His music is very niche-oriented but appealing to many, and his music videos are equally entertaining. 

      08 Bad Day
Download: Darwin Deez - Bad Day

      Up In The Clouds (Shoes Remix)
Download:Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds (Shoes Remix) 

"Radar Detector"


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