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Burial vs Massive Attack - "Paradise Circus"

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A week ago, Earmilk's Skinny G brought you the first part of this collaboration between Burial and Massive Attack, "Four Walls." Today, I'm going to share with you the second piece of this amazing meshing of minds, Burial's new take on Massive Attack's classic "Paradise Circus." There are so many solid remixes of this song around of so many genres, and this one ranks alongside the remixes by Gui Boratto and Zed's Dead as a definite favorite, slowing it down with a haunting tone and adding something truly beautiful and new to the end of the track.

Burial has participated in many great collaborations (Four Tet, Thom Yorke, and Kode 9, to name a few), and this is a perfect example of what musical teamwork should be: maintaining a strong sense of the original while bringing in Burial's own unique style to create something that's definitely different. As Mary Anne Hobbs mentions at the end of the track (which is a radio rip), "Burial is really such a rare and precious artist. I sometimes wonder how different his music might sound if he didn't stay so withdrawn from the media. I think it's his solitude that contributes to his purity, his innocence, his great beauty."

Burial vs Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

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