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Introducing: Northpilot

Fall is one of those seasons when people chose to be outside. During this time, give me a park and a pair of headphones and I'll be utterly content with life. The big question is, what will satisfy our ears this Fall? Recently discovered through YAWN, Northpilot is another band from Chicago and they offer two melancholic songs with an ambitious disposition.

These two songs are "Maps and Dragons" and "1000 Lives." Both tracks contain a little folk and a little experimental. I personally like how they incorporate the piano into their band. The real instruments used easily register Northpilot into the category of alternative music with bands like Stars and Absofacto. Listen to Northpilot below and take them on a walk with you.

      02 Maps and Dragons
Download: NORTHPILOT - Maps and Dragons

      01 1000 Lives
Download: NORTHPILOT - 1000 Lives




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Folk · Indie · Soft Rock


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