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Small Black - Two Rivers (Feat. Heems)

That man on the right, his name is Heems and he is from a band with the ironic name, Das Racist. Heems is popular in the community of indie music and the community of Brooklyn. 

"Two Rivers" featuring Heems is the first teaser from Small Black's Moon Killer. As previously mentioned in our Daily 2% post, Small Black is a "chillwave band trying to carve a niche with their unique cassette tape sound." That post was made earlier this year and I think it is safe to say they have succeeded in carving that niche. The mixtape of Moon Killer will be out on November 11th but the full LP is scheduled for sometime next year. For now, listen to Heems rap over the rhythmically synched waves in "Two Rivers."


      02 Two Rivers (feat. Heems)
Download: Small Black - Two Rivers (feat. Heems) 


Chillwave · Indie · Rap


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