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Himuro Yoshiteru

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I might be stepping over boundaries but the writer for Wobble Wednesdays, Croydon, suggested Himuro Yoshiteru and we both agreed he is a "sick dude." As pictured above, Himuro Yoshiteru is a Japanese DJ. His works are scattered all over Tokyo and I'm sure if you're a hardcore electronic junkie, you might have heard some of his mixes. Don't worry, if you haven't,  I have samples for you below.

Yoshiteru began making beats in the 90s and released his first album in 1998. This man has lots of experience in what he does. Right now, he is considered one of the prominent Japanese musicians in the world of electronic music. I personally like Yoshiteru for his use of 8bit sounds, it gives each track a playful exuberant feel. He is also making Asian pop bands a lot more tolerable. Follow him on Soundcloud, he has many updates.


"Thread Incoming"

"7th Shapeshifting"

"Comping Around EP"


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