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Ricky Eat Acid

Remember that line from Charlie Day in Going The Distance, "Look, I thought it'd be fun if I DJed your hookup!"? Well forget Charlie, I want Sam Ray to play DJ.

Under Chill Mega Chill Records, Sam Ray is the man behind Ricky Eat Acid.  The label and band name sort of give away what Ricky Eat Acid is. However, there is more to it than just chillness. Sam adds hooky vocals, downbeats, and an extra touch of rawness into his ambient jams. The blithe flow of his instruments are sometimes surprising but that's how you know Sam has a knack for this.

Ricky Eat Acid's entire Haunt U Forever EP is on Bandcamp for only $5go check it out. In addition, give his newest track "Only Girl" a listen. It has a grimy Sleep ∞ Over vibe that I am completely head over heels for.

      68 ONLY GIRL
Download: Ricky Eat Acid - ONLY GIRL

      105 Ur my bby
Download: Ricky Eat Acid - Ur my bby

      16 Beautiful gurrls
Download: Ricky Eat Acid- Beautiful gurrls

      14 Birds
Download: Ricky Eat Acid - Birds

Video for "Ur My Destiny"

Oh, did I mention Sam Ray is a tweeting fanatic? Follow him @rickyeatacid and while you're at it, I'm @banacrisp.

Chillwave · Lo-Fi · Soul · Synth Pop


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