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Blue Scholars - Cinemetropolis

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Before I wrote about Macklemore, I should have written about Blue Scholars because I have known about them long before I knew of Ben Haggerty.

If you couldn't tell from their name, Blue Scholars are not to be intellectually -- or musically -- messed with. MC Geo taught me things like the nobility of fighting injustice and the dangers of oppression through lyrics like "Yuri Kochiyama" and "No Rest for the Weary." And DJ Sabzi, who is also known for his work with Common Market, amongst many other things, made their music awfully hard not to listen to.

Blue Scholars - Cinemetropolis

I'm rarely ever disappointed with the hip hop that comes out of the Pacific Northwest and now that the Blue Scholars tour is well underway, I highly recommend cashing in on their newest album, Cinemetropolis, before they've come and left your city.

Hip-Hop · Rap · Spoken Word


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