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Gooffee - Noduts

Do you prefer heavy wobbles that make you bleed out of your ears? Are you a thrash junkie that is constantly check earmilk to try and get your fix?  If Electro/Dubstep/Moombathon sounds about right then you've found your self in the right place. Right in the hands of Gooffee... 

Gooffee - La Popo (Original Mix)

Gooffee will you give you the heavy wobbles and the terrifying, winceful, builds and drops you junkies are constantly looking for to melt your brain out of your nose. These tracks were made to be blasted on a proper speaker system with a gorgeous sub and a small room for the noise to be echoed throughout. Gooffee is a dubstep/moombah Duo from Toronto and have been keeping their killer tracks pumping for quite some time. They released a album a while back that has not gotten the hype it deserves. So I'm bringing this album to your attention. Just listening to the scratching synth in this song gives me shivers...

Gooffee - Rhymes With Clever (Original Mix)

 And the best part yet still... Their whole entire discohraphy is entirely free for download on their soundcloud. Yea. People still do that. Their NOT just about the money.

So I'll leave you with some lasting bangers from their album and links to their soundcloud and facebook... Hopefully you'll know what to do. If your more into Dubstep I suggest checking out their earlier album "Unicorn on the Cob" while if your into this new sensation of Moombathon their new album has enough to get you shaking and grooving on the dance floor. Enjoy!

Gooffee - Simple Times and Gray Bovines (Original Mix)

Gooffee - Silly String (Original Mix)

So make sure you start following...

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