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Adam Port - Weekend

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What started as a witty edit for this year's steamy breakthrough starlet The Weeknd has now turned into the works on house head label Play It Down Records. The concept is simple, take his first panty tossing single What You Need and carry it with four on the floor drum rhythms - 909 claps to follow. This one's for the 1s and 2s, and those that can't stomach R&B when it's bare-skinned and raw. Put it on the romantic dinner table or your afterhour blues. I just can't believe the xo let him clear this one.

      Weekend (Original Mix) 1
Download: Adam Port - Weekend (Original Mix)

If the vocals don't sit you can pick up the dub but you should really step back and reconsider the shame that accompanies. Follow the Berlin techno buff below, and if for some odd reason the Weeknd sounds virgin to you grab his mixtape Thursday, it won't cost you dime.

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