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EM EXCLUSIVE: Art vs. Science - Higher (AC Slater Remix)

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Alright kids, here at EARMILK we stick to our promises and that means today we're dropping a fresh EXCLUSIVE with Brooklyn bass head AC Slater. Together we're giving away an Art vs. Science remix that's hot right out of the oven. It's everything you'd expect from the Trouble & Bass supreme, engulfing basslines, blaring techno percussion, and enough wet and wobble to make your feet wet.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/18544888" params="show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=000000" width="100%" height="81" ]
Art vs Science - Higher (AC Slater Remix)

Down below I had a chance to go outside of the ring and ask this heavy bass champ a few questions about upcoming releases and operations for his record label Trouble & Bass. There's some dubi attitudes in there, and a load of great intel on fresh talent that's on the horizon. So keep your eyes peeled and check it out.

What's on the horizon for Trouble & Bass? Are you guys looking to put out an LP, more Heavy Bass champion releases, or an original single from yoursel
We've recently put out a lot of great new music including a new single by Little Jinder (produced by Drop the Lime), "The Bass EP" by Bart B More, Drop the Lime, and myself, Zombies for Money's "Ankara Dream EP", and "Shuffle Code" by Samo Sound Boy! I've just finished my next single so that should be out shortly on T&B, Drop the Lime's album drops in October I believe, and on top of that just a lot of new exciting music coming. It never stops!

Is it difficult to run a record label in an age where people don't have to pay for music? What do you think is standing in the way of small record labels, and do you have any ideas on how to make things better?
People get stuck on the idea of consumers taking stuff for free. Yes of course they do but it almost works to your advantage as a label/artist. I think you need to embrace it, I always give away one track from a release for free, just because it heightens awareness.

I really believe that there are 3 types of music fans: 1: those who always buy music. 2: those who always seek it out illegally for free. 3: those who are about 50/50 on each side. The trick is getting the buyers to notice, and if that means the ones stealing it getting it first then talking about it, thats fine with me. I personally buy music because I don't like the hunt for free music. When you buy it, you know its official, good quality, and quick to obtain. Plus I like to support artists.

Can you comment on the NYC dance music scene? It seems like there's a lack of shows with even some DJs moving out of the city to pursue their careers in other parts of the country.
NYC dance scene is really unique as there usually isn't one "it" club to be at like in other major cities. Its a fast moving place, if you aren't tuned into the scene, you really have to search for the good party. And that is all part of the experience.

Is that you in Cry Baby?
Yes I lent my exquisite vocal talents to the song Cry Baby. Its very heartfelt.

Name me one or a few new artists that you're pumped to see breakthrough in the next couple of months.
Botnek, Dynasty, Samo Sound Boy, Little Jinder, Clicks & Whistles, Eigo are all very talented and original artists who I would love to see breakthrough. Udachi has been bubbling under the surface for awhile. The new music we're about to put out this fall with him is crazy. He's a production wizard. Also I'm pretty sure Drop the Lime is about to become a star.

With all this free swag what better way to say we want more than supporting the artist by following the links below. There's gems to be found if you just dig around, so be sure to scan through the Trouble & Bass catalog to find those deep underground bangers. And stay tuned next week as we bring you another exclusive from a familiar face around here.

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