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Top 10 Famous Faces in 2012 [Hip-Hop] [#8]

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#8 Casey Veggies

It's been a minute since the last post but now we're on the cusp of some real stars here. Next up is a west coast phenom once a part of, and still affiliated with, hip-hop collective Odd Future. Born Casey Jones, Casey Veggies had risen to local fame as a 16-year-old who could spit. His 2007 mixtape Customized Greatly earned his a lot of respect, especially in my book, and showed a lot of promise to his career. He then proceeded to drop Customized Greatly Vol 2. solidifying him in the west coast rap scene. With a slim solo discography behind him, Casey released unquestionably his most popular mixtape to date, Sleeping in Class. The mixtape receieved incredible coverage, earning him promo spots on MTV as well as co-signs by some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

Personally I see Casey Veggies blowing up in the new year in a major way. Not only was he formerly, and now, when it's crucial to his career, backed by Tyler, the Creator and the rest of Odd Future, but the fact that he's a high schooler has given him incredible press (like when MTV covered his graduation ceremony). His production is on point and he's next up to be signed. Look out for a new release of Sleeping in Class the deluxe edition with 4 bonus tracks and who knows what else he'll cook up for the release. Enjoy his latest visual below and download Sleeping in Class. Shouts to Anwar Carrots!

Casey Veggies - Ridin' Round Town

Download: Casey Veggies - Sleeping in Class

Top 10 Famous Faces in 2012 [Hip-Hop] Introduction

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10 years ago

Love the list so far, but what happened to every 3 days??!