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Chains of Love

Shea Stadium (not to be confused with the sports arena) is one of those neighborhood-y, DIY venues that I always take my visitors to. Everyone seems be impressed with the hidden spot and the music played there. 

On a dark rainy night in Shea Stadium, some friends and I stumbled upon Chains of Love. This beautiful six bit band is greatly influenced with the beat generation of 60's garage soul. Nathalia, with her funky personality and tambourine, delivers swing dancing vocals that has so much inner root. I will admit, this genre of music usually bore me but Chains of Love stood out. They are distinctive in a way, like if Vivian Girls teamed up with The Noisettes and had a thick rasp.

Chains of love just had a record release on July 29th, included is a popular song Black Hearts.

      04 Black Hearts
Download: Chains of Love - Black Hearts

Bandcamp them.

60's · Afro Funk · Blues · Folk Rock · Funk · Jazz · Neo-Soul · Noise-Pop · Nu-Jazz · Oldies · Punk-Funk · Retro · Surf Pop


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