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Double Dip - 46 - Wise Blood

Eccentric fairy tailer Wise Blood has just released a tender new jam entitled "Nosferatu" over at Dovecote Records.

The new track will be included on the up n coming jizz stain EP: These Wings set for release on August 30th and this sneak peek has alot of love in it; crashing symbols echoing in a soft reverb over top that sexy clap oh so Wise Blood.. I really can't help but drool for the next couple days until the abominable release. 

So grab a jones below and tell us how stoked you are Earmilk: 

      Wise Blood - Nosferatu
Download: Wise Blood - Nosferatu

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1. Fantasize (Intro)
2. Darlin' You're Sweet
3. Loud Mouths
4. I'm Losing My Mind
5. Nosferatu
6. The Lion (Outro)
7. Penthouse Suites (Bonus)



Experimental · R&B


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