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Dark Sky - Radius EP

Dark Sky's latest EP, Radius, was released July 29 on Modeselektor's label, 50Weapons. I am, in general, a big fan of EPs. They're the short story of the music world--when you don't feel like undertaking the nuance involved in an entire novel to get to know an author, you might turn to a short story, where you can experience some degree of variation without all the commitment. Radius is a solid set of four bass-y tracks that it'll take you under half an hour to sip up. 

While I was vaguely familiar with Dark Sky through having heard them featured on compilations and mixes, this was a welcome foray deeper into what they do. If you like the more minimalist, wobbly incarnations of dubstep, you'll like this. It's a bit dark, but not too heavy, along the lines of Ital Tek, Goth-Trad and Ikonika. It's minimalistic, but there's definitely enough going on that it's not boring, and the hooks in "Neon" and "The Lick" are as catchy as they come. Since there are only four tracks here, I'm going to suggest you spend the next 20 minutes of your life listening to them instead of reading an overbloated review.

      03 The Lick
Download: Dark Sky - The Lick

1. Speeding Blue
2. Neon
3. The Lick
4. Be Myself

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