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Tony Lionni – Another Dimension

More likely than not this is your first time hearing the name Tony Lionni, but Tony's been at it for 20 years. His aging wisdom has appointed him to be not only a taste maker but a teacher. This is a man that bit into the fruits of Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk, and Derrick May at their antique ripening. It wasn't until 2008 when he burst onto the scene churning out an early house sound that people still reminisce and crave for. This week he released a new EP with perfect timing as dance music begins to look back at it's roots to reinvent new sounds. An example, Track 1 dubbed Another Dimension.

(LRISE008D1) Lo:Rise – Tony Lionni Another Dimension EP

But the good loot on this release can be found hidden beneath the B-side. We Should Be Together is a chilling whirl of early Detroit and Chicago house influences. A bouldering drum beat drowned in the waters of deep house pads with splashes of hi hats. Winterfresh cool to fuck to.

      Tony Lionni - We Should Be Together
Play: Tony Lionni – Tony Lionni – We Should Be Together

If you feel the beat check out his other works below. For some deeper digging have a look at his frequently updated DJ charts on Resident Advisor. A lot of deep house gems to be found there.

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  • it is great album. i want to buy it. thanks info..

    Avatar moslondon August 12, 2011 11:56 PM Reply

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