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Housse De Racket - Alesia LP

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So one day I was like,

Dearest Interweb,
Who should I listen to if I want something more upbeat than The Strokes, a lot less electronic than Hot Chip and a little more edgy than Phoenix?

And the Internet responded:

Dear Liz,
Housse de Racket
, duh.

And now here we are. This two-man new wave band from France isn't anything new to Earmilk -- they have been included in several Suicide Sundae mixes but their singles haven't been featured on the site and if you have heard their work, you know they are too unique to not have their own blog entry.

With nouveau charm and eclectic originality, bandmates Pierre Leroux and Victor le Masne march to the style of their own French indie electro-indie-pop drum. Any comparison to their sometimes Thom Mars-esque sounding vocals or their Nick Valensi level of "axeman-ship" are only testaments to their musical creativity -- you can compare Housse de Racket to as many talented artists as you want but their distinctive style make it very hard to pigeon-hole them into any singular genre.

That's probably how it ought to be. It would be premature and foolish to call them "the next ____" since they are pretty stinkin' good at sounding just like themselves. No two songs are alike but once you hear their music enough, the consistency of their style within each song is clearly identifiable -- besides, that is much harder to achieve than to make each song on the LP synonymous with the others. If their music doesn't win you over, their videos probably will. Those alone are a visual feast to behold.

Test drive each track below and I will bet good money you will be dancing to the beat of that unmatched Housse de Racket drum in no time. Alesia, their second LP, comes out on August 22nd. Download "Roman" for a sneak peak. It's going to be so grand.


"Oh Yeah"


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