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Double Dip - 45 - Slow Magic

Milk team, this mornings Double Dip is introducing you to a very special act, not much is known about these midnight marauders, but they certainly have caught my ear with their subtle piano rifts and pulsating sound. This is the music that the Double Dip was born to bring.

Slow Magic has just released their 3 song EP entitled "▲" and with a title like that you can really expect some solid synth pop/chill wave wonder, so go grab it and find a hilariously brilliant Tim and Eric'esque video just released below for their 1st track "Sorry Safari":


      Slow Magic -Corvette Cassette
Download: Slow Magic - Corvette Cassette

      Slow Magic - Sorry Safari
Download: Slow Magic - Sorry Safari

Grab the rest here

Chillwave · Lo-Fi · Synth Pop


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