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Oh My! - Kicking and Screaming (Cinematic Remix)

This annoyingly loveable duo of chicklets are back again with yet another remix. At the moment, tt looks like they are basically banging out one a week, cunningly building hype until the official single is released.

Now as I slightly screwed up on the post I wrote on these gals the other day, by posting the wrong track (like a tit) so I will be correcting my wrongs in this one!

This time 'round, not only am I doing the Cinematic Dnb Remix but the MIke Delinquent Garage'y Remix will also be included, which is the one I was harping on about the other day and instead ended up posting the wrong track!

Download: Oh My! - Kicking and Screaming (Cinematic Remix)

Download: Oh My! - Kicking and Screaming  (Mike Delinquent Remix)



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