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The Come Up - In Good Hands

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If you're a fan of the Pittsburgh scene in hip-hop chances are you delve deeper than Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller; hopefully down as far as Pittsburgh's next promising rap collective The 58's comprised of Vinny Radio, B. White, Mayo. Ghosty, and The Franchise. Of the 58s, two members - Vinny Radio and The Franchise - have broken off and created their own EP under the name The Come Up. Produced entirely by I.D. Lab's Big Jerm, In Good Hands consists of some of my favorite rappers from The 58's as well as always excellent production. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of both members to get their thoughts on the latest "passion project"; as Franchise describes it.

In reference to the title In Good Hands, Vinny described the meaning as, "As an album title we just feel like we have been surrounded by such good company." He went on to describe that the full EP's production by Jerm also put them in "good hands" so to speak. Vinny also offered his commentary on what he thought the album meant for the growth of his rapping as well as the project for him and Franchise. "We're able to put together an album, not just a collection of songs that flows together sonically and lyrically. Franchise also noted that the purpose of the mixtape for him personally, was "to put out something strong and productive that people can really vibe to."

Below is a couple of our favorite tracks from the EP as well as a video featuring some of the Most Dope crew, if you like them click the link to download the whole thing.

      Victory Chants
Download: The Come Up - Victory Chants

      In Good Hands (feat Heather Victoria)
Download: The Come Up - In Good Hands (feat. Heather Victoria)

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