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Hoodie Allen - Leap Year Mixtape

So, Hoodie Allen has just dropped his latest Leap Year mixtape for the masses to soak up and enjoy. The last time we posted about Hoodie there were a few mixed reviews on his work but ultimately I think there's a time and place for all types of hip-hop sounds or any type of music for that matter. Hoodie's execution of party rap is flawless but he may just surprise you on this latest mixtape like on the "Can't Hold Me Down" track where you get a more soulful style mixed with his great singing voice. It's still summer, especially over on the east coast(sorry), so who couldn't use some more uplifting rhyming. Also, this guy left his job at Google to pursue his dream which is something I'm sure all of us wish we could do. Can't hate on him for that. You'll be laughing, smilin' and noddin' your head to this new mixtape. Enjoy.

      02 Cant Hold Me Down (feat. Tayyib Ali)
Download: Hoodie Allen - Can't Hold Me Down (feat. Tayyib Ali)

      10 Flipping Out
Download: Hoodie Allen - Flipping Out

      06 Soul On Fire
Download: Hoodie Allen - Soul On Fire

Download: Hoodie Allen - Leap Year Mixtape

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