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Fake Blood - Used Vol. 1

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When I think Fake Blood, I think nonstop, fidgety energy. For some occasions, that's great, but not everyone operates like they've had seventeen shots of espresso all the time, and that means that some listeners might find Fake Blood to be a small doses kind of guy, or just altogether offputting. That's why I was happy to stumble upon this new Fake Blood mix from Mad Decent, Used Vol. 1. Fake Blood's usual erratic sound is replaced by chilled out, hip-hoppy beats that make me want to drink beers on the stoop or in the shower instead of at the club. It's just what the recent New England dance-party-hindering summer heat wave ordered. Another positive: I'd guess that "Vol. 1" in the title implies there'll be future volumes to come, hopefully future volumes where we'll continue to see new facets of our friend Theo Keating. I'm almost always more impressed by a DJ who rocks a few different styles well--or at least periodically dirties his hands in things outside his regular comfort zone--than one who's just really good at one thing (I'm looking at you, Skrillex).

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="color=000000" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/19782082"] Fake Blood - Used Vol.1 by earmilkalyce

Hip-Hop · Mixtape


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9 years ago

You mean Skrillex, the former rocker who also delves into disco-esque tracks or moombahton? Or does that all count as 1 thing?

9 years ago
Reply to  Alyce Currier

^^ agreed. Skrillex is good at making 'skrillex' tracks, just about as much as nickelback is good at making 'nickelback' tracks. He has a market and knows how to rape it for all its worth. He doesn't really do anything else, i'm still boggled by his popularity from having all his songs sound exactly the same

9 years ago

have you actually heard skrillex live? i wouldn't say he's 'really good at one thing' in regards to djing. his production may be sick (if all similar) but his dj skills are sub-par by any standards

9 years ago

You should check out his first essential mix for Radio 1. Half club/half chillout.

Fake Blood
9 years ago

The point of this mix is that it is well INSIDE my comfort zone. These are records I've collected over years and years of digging worldwide.
These are a real passion - original (no reissues or compilations) LPs and 45s from a wide range of genres spanning the mid 60's to the early 80's. aka THE CRATES! So I wanted to share this passion.
The point of these mixes is that these are all old tracks sampled in classic Hip Hop tunes. Hence the title - "USED". And yes - more volumes to come.
Hope you enjoy...

9 years ago
Reply to  Fake Blood

Definitely did not expect for you to see this, glad to hear more of the backstory and it's a great mix, can't wait to see future volumes!

Lukas Switlicki
9 years ago

i want to download this