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Moonbeam - Motus

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Russian duo Moonbeam return to Traum Schallplatten for their newest single, entitled "Motus," which was released two days ago via the German label. Moonbeam originally formed back in 2003, launching their own label called Moonbeam Digital in 2005, which helped them to build their reputation through collaboration with other well known musicians.  Moonbeam, since working for Traum, have remixed many well known electronic acts including Extrawelt and Minilogue.

"Motus" is a pretty huge track, even for Traum.  The hints of trance and minimal mixed with the atmospherics of warm pads remind us of raves of the 90s, but in a good way.  "Motus" is definitely a club track.  The tic-toc of the percussion and huge lead synth accompanied by swooshing white noise may be a bit too clubby for an 'anytime' listen, but the track is still undeniably powerful.

Stream: Moonbeam - Motus

Stream: Moonbeam - Motus (Applescal Remix)

The release includes four remixes by Applescal, Spartaque, Monaque, and relatively newcomer to the techno scene Mark ReeveApplescal gets my vote for the best remix, by completely changing the mood of the original track.

Traum also released an 'official video' for the track that is an impressive work of overlaying visuals to go with a section of the original song, they match each other well.

You can check out Moonbeam's Discography here.

You can buy Motus and any of the remixes at the following online retailers:


Juno Download


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