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Fuser – Bangtuk (JFK Edit)

Sparked inside the social nests of Twitter, a new JFK edit rises to the scene this week and it's for Holland's sprouting producer Fuser. An Altern 8 smashing of Frequency with seductive dutch house sounds tripping on itself and stumbling around a k-hole. Fall into the breakdown where your stranded with nothing but slow hardstyle kicks and bird like leads. It's dark and lonely but don't fret; it all wears off and you go back to doing what you do best, kicking and screaming.

Download: Fuser – Bangtuk JFK Edit

A new name with some new talent. Be sure to hit up some of Fuser's other works and follow JFK as he juggles his solo and duo career as a DJ, label manager, and bassist for reunited dance punk band Death from Above 1979.

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  • JFK is a god, this remix is legit.

    Avatar Trinday July 13, 2011 11:26 AM Reply
  • what was JFK on when he made this? hehehehehe

    Avatar Antonio July 18, 2011 11:13 AM Reply

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