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Andreas Henneberg - Selected Singles

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It seems as though I find myself posting articles again and again mentioning either a German label or recording artist.  A couple weeks ago I wrote about Dominik Eulberg playing in Toronto, and posted a couple tracks from his most recent (and most brilliant) LP Diorama (click here for the article).  In that article is a clip of Eulberg playing live, and after hearing it I was determined to find the artist and track he was playing in that video.  

As it turns out, Eulberg was spinning a track by another German musician by the name of Andreas Henneberg. Releasing a few singles in the last couple of years via Ideal Audio, Henneberg is yet to release a full album.  I hope it is only a matter of time before he does. 

There is something about German producers and electronic and dance music that they do so much better than everyone else.  I can't help but feel the groove in my whole body when listening to any of the Henneberg tracks I've come across.  Not only are they groovy, but there is just an attitude with his music that can't be matched by the even grimiest of North American producers.  It is true art in one of it's highest forms- art for the ears. 

The following tracks are two of my favourite by Henneberg at the moment.  "Aquaree" is the track Eulberg was rocking in that video; released in 2009 on Ideal.  The second track is older, but "Apricot" oozes with equal German creativity and attitude.  Both are separate singles that have been released in Henneberg's catalog (hence the 'selected singles' title) I will definitely be posting more of his work as I find it, hopefully you enjoy his music as much as I do!

      Andreas Henneberg - Apricot
Stream: Andreas Henneberg - Apricot

      Andreas Henneberg - Aquaree
Stream: Andreas Henneberg - Aquaree

You can check out Andreas Henneberg's complete discography here (discogs).

You can buy Andreas Henneberg's music at the following online retailers:

Juno Download

What People Play




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