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LBCK - Instant Party EP

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LBCK - Long Beach City Kids. A coastline gang tag but also a California (duh) duo that's finally been making worldwide waves in the electro house scene. These aren't the newest kids on the block, with bangers that date back dos years these two are just beginning to draw the props they deserve. Instant Party is the name of their new dropping this month on Italian label La Valigetta, and its rammed with 7 aimed to please complextro manics and house heads all around.

For the ADDs

      Super Natural (Original Mix)
Download: LBCK - Super Natural (Original Mix) 192kbps

For the 9Ds

      Instant Party (The Phantoms Revenge Remix)
Download: LBCK - Instant Party (The Phantoms Revenge Remix) 192kbps

(DV018) La Valigetta - LBCK Instant Party EP

It all hits the shelves July 15th so no spinning until you grab those 320s. And don't forget to check out the other big name bona fides on this release like BNR's Strip Steve and the classy sample bouncing remix by Hijack.

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