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Clear Soul Forces – "The Greatest" [VIDEO]

We always gotta give exposure to groups who don't have the exposure that you are sure they deserve. That's where this 4 man hip-hop group, Clear Soul Forces, comes in. I stumbled across their latest video for the track "The Greatest" and immediately felt an attachment to the group, the rhymes and the beat. The video aint nothing special but you can at least witness their enthusiasm and be able to place a face to the voices. Now, props also has to be given to Ilajide for the production because that's probably what grabs you first. This track was released on their last 2010 EP entitled Departure which you can download for free. Spread the word about these dudes.

      The Greatest(prod.by Ilajide)
Download: Clear Soul Forces – The Greatest (Prod.by Ilajide)


2% Bonus:

      05 Push it to the Max (prod. by Best Kept Secret)
Download: Clear Soul Forces – Push it to the Max (Prod. by Best Kept Secret)


Download: Clear Soul Forces Departure

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  • man that push it to the max shxt is garbage!!! I did a song to that beat and its so much realer than that, i was just offended when i heard that song cause thats such a beautiful beat by a brilliant producer.. check out my version at (soundcloud.com/iamcoop) its called "let it all go" thats how that song should be done!

    Avatar coop June 24, 2011 11:45 PM Reply

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