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Siriusmo - Pearls & Embarrassments

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Update (electblake): by request, download/streams have been removed - hope you all enjoyed what you got, now go get the full release!

It's Sunday and I feel like I can get away with something a bit more risqué. So how kooky does it get than Berlin's native ascetic Siriusmo. He's got a new release due next week and it's packed with 42 tracks dated from 2000 to 2010. Dubbed an anthology, it's a memento of unreleased material with added bench warmers that didn't make the cut for his debut LP Mosaik.

Enjoy: Siriusmo - Es Hort Nie Auf (beatport)

Enjoy: Siriusmo - Heimweh Fernweh (beatport)

I'm not going to embarrass your attempts to pronounce some of the track titles inside that head of yours so I'm just going to point out that the young lady on vocals sounds like a Deutschland Yelle. And you might brush these off as not being fit for the club and you're right. Siriusmo is a fuck you to the part of your brain that thinks everything has some pattern to it.

Enjoy: Siriusmo - Urlaub In Berlin (beatport)

Enjoy: Siriusmo - Hello DJ (beatport)

He lives in his own world, a shaman fondling electricity his beats pay their dues from the past to create a current art form that is as much visual as it is music. With cover art creds that point to the man himself, he's a painter first and a musician second.

(MONKEYTOWN013CD) - Siriusmo's Pearls & Embarrassments: 2000-2010 (Anthology)

4 out of 42, that's a small piece of the pie. Get the full stuffing you deserve when it drops June 24th on Monkeytown Records. Don't forget to follow the links below so you can dig in when it's fresh out of der ofen.

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