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#SIRIUSFTM - Face The Music (Central Ontario Update)

Here to give you a weekly update of the great music contest still in the works called Face the Music by SIRIUS, the guys who brought you satellite radio. They've put together a fun little "name that tune" game for you to win a trip to the concert of your choice if you beat the high score. But this isn't just a winner takes all deal. Face the Music is also giving fans across Canada the chance to win an intimate concert with a lineup of major Canadian artists in their own hometown!

Current: Central Ontario Leaderboard

These are the cities that are currently closet to getting Broken Social Scene and Bedouin Soundclash to play a show in their city! (See gmap links below)

  1. Hilton Beach
  2. Saulte St. Marie
  3. Kingsville
  4. Ancaster
  5. Belleville
  6. Petrolia
  7. Acton
  8. Port Hope
  9. Simcoe
  10. Forest

If you're not FROM one of these cities you're probably like me and only heard of them as part of a backstory you heard at a bar, or maybe they are 2 towns over from where your parents live - either way picture it. BSS & Soundclash taking the thriving metropolis of "Forest" Ontario? awesome.

Get your city on the list, and check back next week and we'll keep your appraised! (p.s Toronto is ranked 55 - so show up people!)






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