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Wobble Wednesday + Benga Smack Your Bitch Up [Video]

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Its your day for the deeper and chill side of the Dubstep world. Appreciate all the comments in the last few weeks, I now know I have an English teacher reading my posts. No matter this is a music blog not a grammar blog. Anyways, Benga gave out his tune Smack Your Bitch Up and the video is really great check that out. Love the Ghosts of Paraguay track and I must say what a awesome name! Had to post Skream Summer Dreams since it is a great summer anthem and other than that this is a really good group of tracks. Enjoy! 9 days my friends 9 days!

Download: C83-Where Do We Go

      What You Need (ChrisB Remix) 320
Download: The Weeknd - What You Need (ChrisB Remix)

      01 Warfare
Download: Alaic - Warfare

      Sun Scorching
Download: Glÿph - Sun Scorching

      11 Summer Dreams
Download: Skream - Summer Dreams

      Sub Rosa (MASTER)
Download: Matta -Sub Rosa

      02 Soul Seeker
Download: Cyrus - Soul Seeker

      01 Smack Your Bitch Up
Download: Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up

      Opium Lord
Download: Sub Antix - Opium Lord

      Moonrock Badman
Download: Downlink - Moonrock Badman

      Ghosts Of Paraguay - Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)
Download: Ghosts Of Paraguay- Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)

      03 Gate 9
Download: Jakes - Gate 9

      Evil begins
Download: Trom - Evil begins

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