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Myd - Octodip EP

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Marble still hitting hard off of their debut success, and the next player up to bat is Club Cheval's Myd. 3 tracks on this EP titled Octodip, and I have to say this is Marble's most consistent one yet. Each number, nameless to any genres or boundaries, pushes your buttoned insecurities of what you can and cannot dance to. And the noise? An oxymoron of itself. Myd layers serious rhythm and melody with the most peppy and frisky sounds, bordering the lines of work and play.

Download: Myd - 01 - Octodip

(MRBL004) Marble - Myd Octodip EP

A person you should definitely be keeping your ears up for. Myd is Ratatat on house music. A sound I've been waiting to hear for a very long time. So follow the links below and scout those other two tracks up above.

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