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Double Dip - 38 - Timbre Timber

Today's late night Double Dip is brought to you by Timbre Timber a haunted folk trio from right here in Canada including members Mika Posen, Simon Trottier and Taylor Kirk. The name Timbre Timber refers to some earlier recording the band had done in a "Timber" framed cabin outside of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, where is Bobcaygeon, Ontario? Who the hell knows.

The band recently signed to the super awesome Arts & Crafts label in January of "09, which in my eyes any indie act would give their right kidney for, if you are unaware of this Canadian label than you may be aware of names like Broken Social Scene, Feist, and one of my personal favorites The Most Serene Republic (Listen to Underwater Cinematography) who are on that same label! But aside from the label Timbre Timber has just released a really creepy beautifully done video for their ground breaker "Black Water" featuring a decaying diver and some cool fish, way to go!

Here's the vid and some goodies from their newest album "Creep on Creepin on" digg it/buy it/see them play and all that:

      04 Black Water
Download: Timber Timbre - Black Water

      08 Lonesome Hunter
Download: Timber Timbre - Lonesome Hunter

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10 years ago

Amazing. It really is.