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NinetyNine - Revenge Gold Edition EP

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Excuse me, I know you're hungover and the last thing you want rimming your ears is something in your face and diagnosed with ADD. But I just wanted to introduce you to this young Canadien. That's right, with an "e" at the end. It means he's from Quebec for all yall 'mericans, and he goes by the name of Ninetynine.

He dropped a hefty EP last month on Dga Fäu Records, and the original tracks definitely deserve some more heads. His sound is a burst of French house dating back to '07, so for those of you that can't get enough of that SebastiAn and Justice flare here is someone to fiend off of.

      03 Ink
Download: Ninetynine - Ink

(DGAFAU007) Dga Fäu Records - NinetyNine Revenge Gold Edition EP

You'd be a fool not to check the other tracks on this EP. His tracks have graced the decks of Proxy, Les Petits Pilous, and he's even wrapped up a remix for TAI. So follow because you'll be seeing him around.

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