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Innerpartysystem remixes

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Innerpartysystem make mega, giant, filth driven, dirty, and fckin good electro music who's main aim is simply to make you party. After spending most of my morning listening to one of their mixes I'd honestly say I've had to restrain myself. You can check out the mix they did for Rbma HERE, which features some savage tracks and straddles the line between indie, electro, dubstep and straight up party music. It is good whatever genre you can pigeonhole it into.

They recently dropped a series of remixes either by them or of them on soundcloud. Some are freebies others I presume are getting a release. Check them out below. Highly recommend the Starkey remix and Designer Drugs remix. You'll see what I mean once you've had a listen.

Also stumbled across this remix of one of my favourite tracks of the year, so far, that got posted up here a wee while back. Song is Awolnation - Sail (innerpartysystem remix). Still prefer the original but the bass drop is like being punched in the stomach.

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="color=000000" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/14352182"]

[soundcloud width="100%" height="225" params="color=000000" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/782381"]

Dubstep · Electro


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10 years ago

Shirobon does a great remix of IPS here - http://snd.sc/lwDinZ