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A1 Bassline – Lumps (Technological)

Boys resurrect that denim tuxedo from your closet and girls put suspenders on those trousers because A1 Bassline is inviting you to an acid house jam. This new release on Tighten Up Records sounds like it was made 20 years ago, and I love it. You can never get enough of that 909 and I swear I could dance to nothing but a kick and those syncopated hats all night long. If acid hasn't hit you yet, be patient on the come up and indulge a bit more, eventually you'll submit.

      Lumps - Technological
Download: A1 Bassline – Lumps – Technological


If you're trying to score some more acid have a look at his other releases. It's nice to see the sounds you'd hear in a lot of old school classics creep their way back into the spotlight.

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  • A1 is so underrated…great post

    Avatar Xemp May 18, 2011 2:05 AM Reply
  • Heck yeah this is excatly what I needed.

    Avatar Lainey July 8, 2011 6:11 PM Reply

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