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SebastiAn Total LP

Call it his long-awaited debut but SebastiAn has been bouncing around the scene for so long I could slap the label "pioneer" and "godfather" to his name. When I say long-awaited, I mean the first single Ross Ross Ross off his upcoming LP Total was around in 2007. 4 years in the making this album dives through a warp hole of the ever changing sounds of electro house music. It defies the trends and focuses solely on the tastes and sinister mind of the man behind the gun, SebastiAn.

      03 Tough Games (Interlude)
Download: SebastiAn - Tough Games (Interlude)

Even if the 22 tracks crammed into this LP didn't make the light of day, SebastiAn would always be seen as a pivotal influence of the many artists you hear today. It's no joke when Skrillex places a three year old SebastiAn track at the peak of his Beatport Top 10. And this "new" bandwagon of attention deficit disco flooding the charts, they all point to this Ed Banger royal right here.

      07 Kindercut
Download: SebastiAn - Kindercut

Ed Banger Records - SebastiAn Total LP

The sheer size of this LP and the collision of genres from 80s hair metal and pop to today's grimey electrocore turns this album into a divinely sculpted artifact with intrinsic historic value. It drops May 30th on Atlantic and Ed Banger Records so be sure to pick this one up. And yes the album cover is a picture of SebastiAn doing what the French like to do, to himself.

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ya boi
ya boi
9 years ago

he is the best....no doubt