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Joker Feat Jessie Ware - The Vision (Let Me Breath)

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Thank fck for that. As of last week, Joker signed with 4ad and announced he was  a few days away from releasing a new single. First new stuff of his in what seems like agggeeeessss. Last I heard about any releases was at a party at Notting Hill Carnival last summer, when he dropped a track with Turboweekend laying vocals, which was going to appear on his album (you can hear it 43 minutes into the mix HERE.  Well worth the wait either way!! Only thing I'd say is it finishes too early, could easily get away with another minute in there.

So it isn't completely new as he has been dropping "The Vision" minus vocals for a while without a proper release. Adding Jessie Ware though has done something special to the track as her vocals are laying waste to every track she appears on at the minute. Thank you both!!

Buy the single HERE

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