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DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk [NEW]

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So, it looks like DJ Shadow is set to finally release his comeback album entitled The Less You Know The Better. The album is scheduled to be released in September which seems like an eternity from now. But to give the fans something to listen to; he will be releasing a 6 track EP at midnight(in the UK) called I Gotta Rokk. He's doing this to hold you over till the fall. The EP features the title track "I Gotta Rokk" as well as as some of his previous singles. This "I Gotta Rokk" track will be on the EP as well as the LP that comes out later this year. This will be a definite buy. Enjoy.

      01 I Gotta Rokk
Download: DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk (LP Version)

Hip-Hop · Rock · Soul · Trip-Hop


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10 years ago

This isn't hip hop...you would need 6 hits of acid to even come close to enjoying this