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F.O.O.L. - Invasion (Dumme Jungs Remix)

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Germany's fashion conscious music label Oh My God It's Techno Music released their latest EP and the artist this week is F.o.o.l.. You may have recognized the label on the chests of many party goers, but printing the finest apparel in the scene isn't the only thing their good at. With remixes by compressor and bassline addicts Figure, The S, Neus, Ikki, and Trump Disco this EP is strong, and it's heavy. Keep away if you can't handle your distortion or turn that knob up and blow your ears to these hot remixes. But the biggest track that no one is talking about on this release is the remix by Berlin duo Dumme Jungs.

I don't even know what to call this one. An electro banger, a dutch bomb, some disco punked out break beat. Dropping this track is like raining bullets onto a crowd yelling, "Get some, get some!". The reverb is massive, and the kick is explosive. I had no clue who these two were until stumbling upon this and getting chills down my spine. Dumme Jungs is serious business and this remix is making me think they are taking their work to new genres, new sounds.

      Invasion - Dumme Jungs Remix
Download: F.o.o.l. - Invasion - Dumme Jungs Remix

A lot of substance in this EP so listen below and follow them two German's because they just might be the ones that can flip this scene in a new direction.

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10 years ago

Love Daylight even moar!!!

10 years ago

they been on tour opening up for "die atzen" some bad german rappers that gained major attention and were mad successful cause of rapping over electronic bangers!
dumme jungs been releasing some stuff including my fav: tha saber rider remix they did. dig that!!

Kipper Bush
10 years ago
Reply to  yaBwoy

Good call, that is the sweetness

9 years ago

how do you pronounce Dumme Jungs? is it some german asss shit or what