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Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Hostage Remix)

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Alan Hostage. This Scottish lad has sitting in the basement for quite some time pumping out underground bangers since the Myspace days. He's definitely made his way up this past year and you can expect him to be a heavy hitter on any release. Blaze Tripp's Vertigo EP on Top Billin is no different.

The mix on this track, smooth. Check that percussion in the back. The bongo drums, sticks, mallets, I swear I even hear a triangle in there. All hugged by a warm compressor to give you that sense of togetherness, family. Not to mention that most basic simplistic bassline is grimey as hell, and those piano stabs tip their hat off to the 90s. This track is on quiet side, but it plays out loud like it's got Congorock on the tag.

      Vertigo (Hostage remix)
Download: Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Hostage remix)

(TBMP3040) Top Billin - Blaze Tripp Vertigo EP

01. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Original Mix)
02. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Jaimie Fanatic Remix)
03. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Hostage Remix)
04. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Ultravid Remix)
05. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (VIP Mix)
06. Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (Sir Nenis Edit)

A solid EP, make sure to hit up the original, Jaimie Fanatic remix, and Ultravid's 303 acid remake. And of course don't forget to follow Alan Hostage his latest unreleased remix for Slap in the Bass is Egyptian fire.

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