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Doorlys land of Hope and Glory

Hot on the heels of Doorly's new Ep and his, just kicked off, tour of the US with Rusko, the man has hooked up with Bench, taken a turn for the patriotic and remixed the seminal British track "Land of Hope and Glory" by Elgar to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding. Don't know it? nah me neither. It's one of those classics that gets used as an intro to documentaries about how good Britain really is or was, and leads to epic panning scenes of the coast or roaming fields with farm animals and wellington boot clad country folk.

There are a limited number of (dub)plates of the track that you can get hold of from Bench stores. Can't say I've ever really cared much for the monarchy however any event that turns a 3 day wknd into a 4 day wknd packed with celebrations and excuses to party I can get behind and drop a shot to. Check the intro VID

Anyway Doorly is giving away both the Land of Hope and Glory remix  HERE and.......

a free "Get Ya Freak On" bootleg to celebrate his Ep launch below. Check out all his tour dates and news on his Myspace page



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