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Bart B More WMC Traction Teaser

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I really love what the PR team behind Bart B More is doing to reach out and keep in touch with his fans. They've opened a YouTube channel filled with a collection of short documentaries about his recent tours and shows. They really keep you up to date with this thing, uploading new videos outlining his entire week. Bart's latest video is a summary of his Miami trip to WMC and also includes a teaser of his upcoming release Traction. Cameos by Harvard Bass, Steve Aoki, and even my man Teki Smalls. God damn life is looking good for these cats.

      Intro (Bart B More Edit)
Download: Alan Braxe - Intro (Bart B More Edit)

      Romane (Para One Remix)
Download: Bart B More - Romane - Para One Remix

      Now Lay Around (PeaceTreaty Ketchup Remix)
Download: Bart B More - Now Lay Around (PeaceTreaty Ketchup Remix)

Take a look at his channel below and you'll want to follow this guy to pick this tune up first when it drops May 23rd on Secure Recordings

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  • Alan Braxe – Intro (Bart B More Edit) --> best tune heard on Earmilk in a while!

    Avatar Kili April 16, 2011 11:41 PM Reply
    • no pool party playlist is complete without this track

      Avatar lukas April 22, 2011 2:55 AM Reply
  • i concur with kili

    Avatar GMAN April 19, 2011 2:30 AM Reply

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