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Clouds – Numbers (Original Mix)

Circuits speak in tongues. Glossolalia they call it. Each number has something to senselessly babble about. An opportunity to get something off your chest. Convulsing into the hats of TR909s and slaps of white noise. The synth sings, the kick hits, and you can't help but fall back onto the resting arms of those around you. One of three on this EP, you'll want to hear the rest.

      02 Numbers
Download: Clouds – Numbers

TURBO096 – Numbers

01. Clouds – Sucker (Original Mix)
02. Clouds – Numbers (Original Mix)
03. Clouds – Fibre (Original Mix)

C stands for cool, cool stands for Clouds. Try a piece of this EP and follow this cat.

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  • Nice. Sounds like huoratron. If you are into that sound. If not you should be. Holla

    Avatar Synesthesia April 12, 2011 7:37 PM Reply

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