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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? presents... Frittenbude

If your into dark dance you have to respect everything Deutschland has done for us. From Krftwerk to EBM, techno, trance and most of the goth ascetic that so many of us probably grew up aspiring to - German's got edge, it's factual information that your financial institution just might accept in lue of credit card interest.

I stumbled upon Frittenbude today and I must say, I have no idea what the guy is rapping in his Muscles/Teenager flat & flirtatious style but I like it. I could be promoting a band who only sings about soft-drinks and it doesn't seem like it would matter.

A mix between Muscles, Does it Offend You, Yeah? and an microphone - this trio of indie musician, techno producer plus mc catches your ear right away with milky delivery and a strong dance after-taste.

Their wavering and loophole ready sound draws electro & house producers alike as the material is ripe for remixes across the spectrum. Some call it techo punk, electro rap, indie electro but ze Germans prefers pabble schrabble (or schabble brabble) but in the end...

"Fittenbude is a place where you buy chips."


      Steven Seagull Remix
Download: Frittenbude vs. We Are Enfant Terrible - Steven Seagull Remix

      Raven gegen Deutschland (Frittenbude Indiefresse Remix)
Download: Egotronic - Raven gegen Deutschland (Frittenbude Indiefresse Remix)

      Das Licht
Download: Frittenbude - Das Licht

      Electrofikkkke (Krink remix)
Download: Frittenbude - Electrofikkkke (Krink remix)

      Matador (Frittenbude Zerkau Deinen Knebel Remix)
Download: The Dance Inc. - Matador (Frittenbude Zerkau Deinen Knebel Remix)

      Raveland (Frittenbude Remix)
Download: Frittenbude - Raveland (Frittenbude Remix)

Download: Frittenbude - Porzellan

      Das Licht (BEATpUNKS Remix)
Download: Frittenbude - Das Licht (BEATpUNKS Remix)

      Das Licht (GhettoSexxx Sunburn Remix)
Download: Frittenbude - Das Licht (GhettoSexxx Sunburn Remix)

      Wird doch nicht so schlimm sein
Download: Frittenbude - Wird doch nicht so schlimm sein

      Das Licht (Dirty Disco Youth)
Download: Frittenbude - Das Licht (Dirty Disco Youth)


      One Inch Badge Pin
Download: Muscles - One Inch Badge Pin

      We Are Rockstars
Download: Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars

Electro · Electro Pop


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10 years ago

Finally a blog posted something about Frittenbude! Nice to see this guys getting more and more popular :).

greetz from germany ;)

10 years ago

too bad u cant unterstand em :>

peace, deutschland

10 years ago

You forgot "Mindestens in 1000 Jahren" though, which would be one of their most famous songs so far.

10 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I know... couldn't find it. Leaves space for another post though ;)