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Berou & Canblaster - Kapongo Dance (Congorock Remix)

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I was starting to think Rocco was losing his cool (was not really feeling the Cinema remix) but his latest track on Berou & Canblaster's Kapongo Dance EP just brought me back to the I Don't Hate Fags days. Believe it or not this remix was just about to hit the trash because he thought it wasn't perfect. I didn't even hear him drop this in his set two weeks ago. But as this track became one of the staples of many sets by the likes of JFK of MSTRKRFT, people began to really press on grabbing this one. So thank Congorock for having such high standards and thank Moveltraxx for pushing this banger out.

      02 Kapongo Dance (Congorock remix)
Enjoy: BEROU & CANBLASTER - Kapongo Dance (Congorock remix)

Berou & Canblaster - Kapongo Dance (Congorock Remix) - Snippet by Moveltraxx

Peep the Hip Hop inspired Big Dope P remix and the Dubstep original. This EP has a lot of flavours for me, you, your momma, and your cousin too.



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