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TheManWithThreeNameS – Conducted Sounds Of Drama

The Bully (aka Toony and PROduce) is working on a new upcoming mixtape called "Conducted Sounds Of Drama". And, if you've been keeping up with the posts on him; you'll know that he has three personas that we know of. MC, Producer, Videographer, Jokester and who knows what else cause it looks like he can do it all. So, below you'll find one track from the upcoming tape called "Thank You" that was done by him and Mr. Mockwell(aka konstrukt). The other two tracks, "digital hood trap mayhem" & "Aphrodite" are just random windows into the brain of this mad scientist. Check out the sample tracks and download the mixtape when it drops in early April.

      Thank You
Download: Toony TuneS & Mr. Mockwell – Thank You

      digital hood trap mayhem
Download: The Bully – DHTM (Prod. By Botaz)

Download: PROduce – Aphrodite


Download: The Bully – Twoface (Feat. Toony)

      Bully Nutmeg Snippet
Download: The Bully – Nutmeg Snippet

Experimental · Hip-Hop


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