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The Concrete Project - Rappers with day jobs

Download: The Concrete Project - Apple iPad Remix

Let me start this post off with a quote by the great Michael Scott of Dundler Mifflin Paper:

"I am a great interviewee. Why? Because I have something no one else has. My brain. Which I use to my advantage, when advantageous."

Replace the word "interviewee" with "aspiring rap artist" and you will end up with a quote that I should be saying. Yes, just like half of your apartment complex and hospital ward, I am an aspiring one-two checka. If I was a dumb man I would take this opportunity I have to write for EARMILK.COM and completely not shamelessly promote myself and my Hip Hop band. However, since I am a semi-intellectual person armed with half a thought, I'm going to use this opportunity to introduce my Hip Hop band.

The Concrete Project. We are a six piece fusion Hip Hop band hailing from the small island in the sky called San Diego, CA. You can catch us on stages in city and the surrounding states. Above is an Apple iPad commercial parody me and my band mate Tory-T composed for your eye sockets. Enjoy.

"I gave him 18 chances. I said I don't want no problems and as I was walkin' away he said 'I got a problem!'" - Hurricane Game

...and to show you that I am really not that self-centered rap artist I think I'm going to be once I sell 13 records, here's a video that contributes to the continuation of the adventures of Game and Ras Kass. I don't like to condone violence, but Game did say he gave the Goldyn Chyld 18 chances. Any normal man would break at around three chances. You got to give Game some credit for his Phil Jackson, Zen-like tolerance. 18 chances is equal to like one full game of Street Fighter II. Imagine someone egging you on for an entire game of Street Fighter II without you taking your hands off the controllers.

"I always felt like he was one of the most, more underrated artists. That's how I do. I'll beat you up and give you props at the same time."

That quote is almost tattoo worthy. Not quite, but I would get it in henna ink. Follow me at @CalebTCP as I attempt to rap my way out of the cubicle.

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10 years ago

Love it, that video is great

10 years ago

very dope. earmilk always bringing the freshness.

10 years ago

that songs sucks balls

10 years ago